The Carbonist


At The Carbonist, we build for the future. Founded in Melbourne, we’re a timber-based building practice focused on creating spaces of enduring beauty. Each of our projects is of the highest quality and liveability. From pre-design to finish, we collaborate with you to guarantee that your home exceeds your expectations. Elegant residences, sustainably designed, built to last.

We prioritise the environment. As 40% of landfill comes from the building industry, we aim to perform above the rest. That’s why our work is as sustainable as possible. We rarely start a project from scratch; rather, we build from what is already there. Each material is carefully selected, not just for how it looks and performs, but also for the carbon footprint it produces.

Founder Simon Schofield brings a decade of experience in carpentry to every project crafted by The Carbonist. Before following his passion for building, he spent 20 years in hospitality, giving him a deep understanding of how to collaborate harmoniously. He now combines his people and building skills in our unique and sustainable practice.